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"A Revolution in Energy"
Buffalo Firm Offers to Replace 14 Windmills in Lackawanna & Hamburg


A comprehensive explanation of the technical workings of the Newtonian Turbine and how it achieves such high efficiency.


The booklet describes how this turbine is deployed on electric grids and offsets the intermittency of wind, thus minimizing expensive storage systems and a need to add transmission lines.



Kean Wind Turbines, Inc. located in Williamsville, NY, has offered to replace the 14 windmills on the former Bethlehem Steel site with modern Newtonian type wind turbines. The cost would approximate six million dollars fully installed.

The new wind turbines are far more efficient and about one-tenth the size for the same power output. The maximum height of only 88 feet compares with the windmill height of 450 feet.

Newtonian type turbines use a different principle of physics as taught to us by the famous scientist, Sir Isaac Newton. This provides many environmental advantages such as no audible sound, unlikely to kill a single bird, and being small and unobtrusive.

The new turbines are designed for a useful life of 30 years being incredibly simplified with 80 rugged parts and components versus the 8,000 parts of a 3-blade windmill. This can dramatically reduce maintenance costs, the huge problem that plagues current windmills.

Erie Wind is proposing a 21 million dollar overhaul of the 70 million dollar investment in the current three-blade Lackawanna windmills. These are 12 years old and were conceptually introduced by Enron Corporation many decades ago. The Newtonian wind turbines by Kean Wind Turbines, are a first in the world and being sited in Buffalo, NY is appropriate for "The City of Lights". 




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