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The Newtonian Wind Turbine is an engineering breakthrough that will dramatically increase the amount of energy we extract from the wind. These turbines convert over 40% of the energy in the wind to useful electrical power, as compared to 1/2 of 1% from typical windmills. Further, they utilize double the energy available in the wind speed spectrum. Effectively, the Newtonian Wind Turbine converts over 100 times more of the available wind energy than conventional windmills.

Amherst company developing turbine 50x more efficient than windmills

1/28/19 by WBFO's By CHRIS CAYA

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Newtonian Wind Turbines are about 1/12th the size of conventional  windmills, which enables them to be on short sturdy stands rising just above the tree tops. They are unaffected by turbulence, especially ground turbulence. Thus, if placed with consideration, they can be almost invisible and unobtrusive even in urban areas.


The Newtonian Wind Turbine produces no audible sound as the turbine rotor rotates at less than 40 RPM. One revolution takes 1-1/2 seconds, so they are quiet over a long life. There is no interference with airport radar or TV/shadow flicker.


The Newtonian Wind Turbine has about 80 basic parts, each of which is designed and constructed to be rugged and oversized to last 30 years. Bearings and movable parts are life lubricated and routine maintenance may be needed no more often than every five years. The small size of the turbines and the small number of parts, results in a small investment cost.

Provide the lowest cost electricity available from any source.

Reduce energy needs 65% by going to an all electric economy.

Virtually eliminate fossil fuels for vehicles and heating buildings.

Create jobs and prosperity in Western New York, then the world.

96% of the wind energy passes between the three blades and is not used.


A three blade windmill with a blade swing diameter of 360 feet as compared with a Newtonian type turbine that is 30 feet to produce the same output (1/12th the size).



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