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The Newtonian Wind Turbine is the ultimate next generation.  It is bringing winds of change to the future of global energy.  Click here for more information on the advantages of the Newtonian Wind Turbine.



We believe the Newtonian Wind Turbine will provide the world with electrical power at a lower cost than any other source. Click here for more information for Kean Wind Turbines, Inc.



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You are always welcome to visit our office and talk to Kean himself or you may order some literature to read on all the Newtonian Wind Turbine has to offer.



Kean Wind Turbines, Inc. was founded with the conviction that we must take personal responsibility for finding solutions for today's looming energy and economic crises with this work best done in our own community. It is our mission to design and manufacture the world's most efficient, affordable, compact, durable, safe, and unobtrusive wind turbine available anywhere.

The company is a Unique Investor Owned private corporation. Stock ownership is exclusively limited to residents in eight counties of Western New York. All shareholders have equal equity ownership. Wealth generated stays mainly in Western New York and outside financial interests are thus excluded. There are 435 shareholders at this time. All shareholders also own preferred shares which provide no equity but provide a fixed percentage of future royalties.

Answers to Your Questions

Electricity To The Grid At Zero Cost?


Power from the wind, connected directly to an electric grid and on the utility side of the meter, arrives at zero cost.


Investor-owned utilities (that supply 85% of our electric power) are owned by their shareholders who finance the utility. Since the share-holders own the turbine 

investment, there is no amortization cost for

the utility.


Maintenance expense for the Newtonian Wind Turbine is designed to be ultra-low and is easily offset with depreciation and maintenance as a deduction from taxes. 


Will Special Interests Suppress The Newtonian Wind Turbine?

Wind is free and when delivered directly to an investor-owned electric utility by a Newtonian Wind Turbine, the delivered cost is about zero
since the investment is owned by the shareholders. 


This changes the outlook for natural gas, oil interests, and associated industries. It will be very hard on three-blade windmills and solar systems that are simply not competitive without government subsidy. 


Special Interest Groups need

to recognize that the
transition to free wind energy takes decades and is
gradual as will be the depletion of fossil fuels and higher costs.


Therefore it need not be
disruptive, except to those who
 fail to plan ahead. 



Keeping Local Wealth in One's Home Town

The Newtonian Wind Turbine was created and
developed exclusively by local owners producing
turbines in Western New York. Manufacturing will also be licensed and the product produced and sold
through small firms throughout 52 nations where our patent has been issued. One hundred licensees are planned for the USA alone with many hundred more expected overseas.

Hundreds of licensees located in villages and towns
worldwide would supply their local utility with turbines This would generate sales and That money, with local ownership, enriches the local town and the current workforce. 




Our nation and the world have been duly warned; fossil fuels are being rapidly depleted and will become increasingly expensive. Yet consumption continues to increase as does our planet’s temperature. 


No practical or economically responsible solution has been proposed. Both federal and state politicians suggest grandiose schemes with completion dates too late to save fossil fuels before costs skyrocket. Huge amounts of taxpayer money are being spent on obsolete technology with total disregard for practical science and costs. The scary desperation concepts, mired in politics, will not work. 


Breakthrough engineering has existed since 2012 when the United States Patent Office published USA patent technology internationally. Those patents have now issued in nearly 50 nations including the USA. Yet the new technology is ignored because of major commitments by the government for three-blade windmills.  Those gigantic three-blade windmills are not the answer because they are terribly inefficient, far too expensive, and incredibly intrusive. 


Solar cells are practical for summer air conditioning as a supplement. There is not enough power in a sunbeam to heat our buildings, power our factories, or recharge our electric vehicles without energy storage systems that would be unbelievably expensive. 


Wind is our future source of renewable energy; enough energy in the wind to supply all of civilization's needs 100 times over. A gigantic river of kinetic energy flows just over our heads night and day, year-round.


Six years ago the Newtonian type wind turbine was published worldwide to be manufactured by American patent licensees. This turbine is far more efficient and extracts much greater energy from a wider range of wind speeds. It can be about 1/10 the size and 1/20 the cost of a three-blade windmill for the same delivered output. It mounts on short sturdy stands just above treetops, makes no audible sound, will not kill birds nor cause TV flicker or interfere with airport radar.


The new turbines connect directly to electric utility grids with no wind farms thereby eliminating giant power undulations to the grid. Turbines are placed for each to “see” different wind. The grid averages the total input. Excess turbines dropping in and out over the entire USA provide a constant flow of power summer and winter.


Investor-Owned Electric Utilities are financed by shareholders who provide the funding, hence no amortization cost. Maintenance at about one cent per kilowatt-hour is offset as a deductible utility expense along with depreciation. Thus ZERO COST PER KILOWATT HOUR, and no fuel cost. 


We need to unshackle and incentivize utilities by authorizing a penny or so of profit on every kilowatt-hour of green energy they produce. The transition will happen so fast that we can have 75% green energy by 2030 with no taxpayer or government expense.


See our booklet 'A Revolution in Energy


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